Adding data

Step 1

All predictions start with data — and this is how you'll begin with Faraday as well.

Why does Faraday need my data?

Faraday makes predictions using a combination of customer data you provide and consumer data which we provide. Your data is necessary because it tells us how to recognize desirable outcomes like purchasing, and important groups of people like your customers.


Don't have any data?

If you don't have any data, or you want to start with sample data, please see the Testing page to download a CSV.

How to add data

You will add data to Faraday by following three steps with the API:

  1. Upload raw data — send CSVs of customer data to Faraday
  2. Register a datasets — describe your data so Faraday knows what it means
  3. Define a cohort — use your described data to identify important groups of people

What's next

Let's start by uploading customer data