Organizing people into meaningful subgroups

Persona objectives allow you to organize people into interesting, coherent subgroups, each with a compelling identity.


There are likely important, interesting subgroups hiding within your customer base, although many brands struggle to identify them. Faraday uses time-tested ML techniques, along with the rich consumer data in our Faraday Identity Graph, to discover the handful of segments that make your company tick.

You will get detailed information on who your personas are, so you can produce variants of messaging, creative, ads, offers, and other material that are attuned to each individual persona. This typically requires research, agencies, and months of work to figure out—with Faraday, it takes minutes.

Finally, you can then apply your new persona segments to any population you want, including leads, brand new customers, and even prospects. This helps you personalize your communication throughout your relationship with each person.

Requirements for persona objectives

Faraday recommends building persona sets for groups with at least 100 members. Persona objectives will produce between 3–9 personas in your persona set.

Defining a persona objective

The configuration abstraction we use at Faraday to declare persona objectives is called Persona Set. You'll use the POST /persona_sets endpoint to create them.

All you need to define a Persona Set is a cohort you created in the previous step (Defining cohorts).

Our ML approach

Behind the scenes, Faraday employs the k-means++ algorithm to partition your cohort. Every k from 3–9 is attempted, with an optimization routine finding the ideal k.

What's next

Now let's get your predictions deployed!